Thanks to its authenticity and distinctive aesthetic appeal, canvas art is known to be very attractive, and most people choose it over posters as it has an original feel to it. By using some of the best canvas printing companies, you can easily convert any painting, image, photograph or drawing into an artwork that will look a lot like an originally hand-painted image.

But, in order for you to accomplish this, you need to make use of not just an artistically skilled designer, but you will also need to utilize high-resolution printing capabilities as well as well-constructed and durable material. Those doing the printing job must be skilled in adjusting the sharpness, saturation, and contrast for any image in order for them to maintain the appealing effect of the image without taking it out of shape.

When shopping around for a canvas printing company, it’s important that you avoid companies that utilize factory assembled canvasses coupled with low-level printing technology. Why? That’s because such companies have nothing unique and special to offer and may not guarantee customer satisfaction. To keep you from wasting time and money, below are some of the best canvas printing services that you can opt for, for your canvas printing needs.


If you are like me, then you love to know how much something costs before getting too much into the nitty-gritty. This way, if you feel that the price is not within your range, you can move to the next item. While most canvas printing will usually hide their prices and require you to sign up before you can see the prices, the same doesn’t apply to CanvasHQ.

Because they understand that your time is valuable, the printing company has all their prices displayed on their website. This makes it easy for you to know how much it will cost you to get your canvas printing done by them. Besides, while they have affordable rates, they don’t compromise on the quality of their canvas printing. This is one of the reasons that their past and present customers using their praise.

They also guarantee 100 percent satisfaction for their clients, and in the event, you are not happy with the results, they give you a full refund.


For CanvasPro, creating stunning and captivating art is what is in their DNA. For this, they use high-quality materials to guarantee client satisfaction. Unlike other companies, CanvasPop assigns to you a personal designer the minute you make an order with them who will work with you through the whole process.

They will work with you the entire process to ensure that the final image you end up with is not only bold and vibrant but that it’s also well-orientated. They make the necessary adjustments needed to turn the image into a fine piece of art and have a supportive customer support team that is available through phone, chat or email so that you end up with the perfect design.

Best part of their process is that before printing any of your images, the company will send you the digital proofs free of charge so that you can okay the work before it goes to print. Of course, the free of charge factor is quite important as it ensures that you don’t get charged extra.


If you’re searching for a printing company that can provide wholesale canvas printing services, then CanvasChamp is your best bet. Although they may need to send your images out of the country in order to lower their overhead, they have the best wholesale prices in the market. As such, CanvasChamp is the go-to canvas printing company if you need to print a high volume of canvas art instead of the usual one-off piece.

However, they also have the capacity to print one-off pieces when and if you need them. What makes CanvasChamp stand out is the fact that they provide a lot more other printing options compared to some of their competitors in the same line of business. By using them, you have the option of having your images printed on rolled canvas, metal, and photo boards made from dense foam as well as thin and thick wraps.

While the material they use for traditionally hanging canvas may not be as long-lasting and as durable as those used by other companies, CanvasChamp is still a great canvas printing company for your images or photographs as long as they don’t need a lot of digital enhancement. Two other great things about the company is that they have two customer satisfaction guarantee for their clients.
The first allows you to get a 10 percent discount should you find another canvas printing company that offers a better price for their services than them and the second guarantee is to get a replacement or a full refund if the final images delivered to you have any design, print or material errors.

Great BIG Canvas

Great BIG Canvas are well-known for producing big canvases. The large canvases are a lot more unique as they are meant to prominently display phrases and words as opposed to the images of objects. When all you want is to print your photos onto canvases, Great BIG Canvas is your go-to company. While most canvas printing companies offer correction or enhancement services, Great BIG Canvas doesn’t.
That means that should you send them a photo that isn’t high-resolution, you are likely to end up with an image that doesn’t have a striking sharpness or appearance that you’d desire it to have. With them, you can choose words or quotes from favorite people that can become a great abstract art that can be perfectly displayed on some high-quality canvas.

That said, Great BIG Canvas is ideal for art printing options on canvas. If you are, however, purely looking for a company that can create for you a canvas print art using your old or new photos, Great BIG Canvas is not the best service for you, and you should consider any of the above companies mentioned in this review.


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